Why Soy Candles Are Better Than Paraffin Ones

Why Soy Candles Are Better Than Paraffin Ones

In most cases, we tend to use the normal paraffin waxed candles for lighting purposes. Many of us forget or neglect the benefits that the Soy waxed candles could impart. Also, apart from the benefits yield out of Soy candle usage, many drawbacks come as a consequence of using paraffin waxed candles like toxin substance liberations, unpleasant odors, and non-eco-friendly, etc. Thus, we discuss some of the benefits that we get out of the Soyabean oil processed Soy candles.

Benefits Of Soy Candles

We want to take the opportunity to spread awareness of and benefits of soy wax. Not only because it has benefits but also to point out that we are already living with many toxins within our homes.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits now

1. Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable

Soy Candles are eco-friendly

Since these candles are processed out of naturally soluble soya material, it is highly soluble in water which makes it easily bio-degradable and thus liberates fewer toxic substances. You can burn as much as you can since burning candles help one to keep their health at the right place. However, you can contribute to your environment as well.

2. Handy to use

They hare handy to use.

The soy candles are always packed into a solid and well-defined container which makes it stable to use in any of your situations like traveling, burning candles for a long time never leaves any remains, etc. These candles are widely available in many sizes and shapes, making it even more convenient to use.

3. Diversified scents

Wide range of scents options.

Soy candles can be synthesized in different scents because the soy oils support the synthesization of many smells/ scents. It is satisfying the needs of different tasted customers and covering up any unpleasant odors in the surroundings.

Soy candles are available in different scents. Aromas like Jasmine, Citronella, Bamboo Grave, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Cedar and Balsam, Moon lake musk candle, Wild rose, Lilac, Mogra, Cool fresh, and many more scents are available.

Many of these scents or aromas offer significant health benefits as well.

4. Soy Candles have higher productivity

Soy Candles have higher productivity

They tend to burn much slower and thus it burns for more time than the normal paraffin candles. These products might be a little costly affair. However, considering how long they last, it tends to compensate for the price.

5. Good Availability of Raw Materials

Good Availability of Raw Materials

Being an agriculture-dependent nation, India tends to cultivate soya beans on a larger scale which is primarily the raw material used to make the soy wax. Since it is available on a larger scale, this is one of the good sources of renewable resourced products.

Plus we are also promoting more agriculture and less of chemical-based products that are harmful to our environment.

6. Easiness in cleaning

Easiness in cleaning

Soy candles leave behind much fewer and softer remains while and after burning. Since it relatively has a lower melting pointing temperature than the wax. This feature not only makes it beneficial for the customer but it also benefits the candle makers who can easily clear the remains of the soy wax in the processing stages of the soy candles.

7. Good Ambiance

Good Ambiance

A soy candle well placed in good surroundings tends to create a good ambiance. They act as a poster for some notable occasions, for instance, a candlelight dinner goes well when burning the soy candles in the right place and manner.

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

8. Good Aesthetic Value

Good Aesthetic Value

With the allowance imparted by the soy wax, many scents and many-colored soy candles could be made. Thus, every customer has the liberty to choose any color based on their choice, surrounding, and many critical factors that make happier occasions even more colorful.

9. Much Healthier

Much Healthier

As a matter of fact, soy candles do not release toxins and cause an impact on the surroundings. Thus, the customer using it tend to breathe more easily than when using the paraffin waxed candles. Health is what matters for all at the end of the day.

10. Remembering the favorite occasions

Remembering the favorite occasions

Since different scents and flavors of soy candles are available, it serves as a good source of recalling/ remembering each pleasant and notable occasions that have happened throughout our lifetime. One can easily remember their wedding anniversary, birthday, love proposals, and luxury dining experiences, etc.

Always choose the right products that suits you well

Each benefit of using the soy candles tend to vary from one candle maker to others since not all of the sellers make these soy candles in the same processes. Some customer tends to hesitate to give more cost for the soya beans-based candles which makes many sellers reduce the processing charges which ruins the soy candle benefits.

However, we at La Joyeria choose high-quality and 100% organic soy wax to ensure that we give you the best product. Therefore, it is always vital for every customer to choose the right candle to fully benefits from the usage of soy candles.

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