About Us

Do you remember your first proposal or that special date? Do you remember how motherhood felt for the first time or that reunion with school buddies after years?

Was it just a feeling?

What if you are given a chance to relive those memories all over again .

Or just spend some time for yourself, relaxing after a long tiring day.

Simple.  Flicker an aromatic candle. Some good music and a mind to explore.

Almost like the world seems to fade away.

Candles and aroma has an age old connection with mind therapy. Brings back positive energy to any place or soul. Produces happy hormones. Such a ‘Good night’ essential. Even, it helps to wake up with a positive mind.

Candles defy darkness with its light and define it too as darkness is nothing but the absence of light.

How beautiful!

That’s How We Got Started

La Joyeria is a luxury candle brand producing 100% organic aromatic soy and bee wax candles, bringing happiness to so many people, being a catalyst and  witnessing all of life. Sometimes just by enhancing the beauty of a place.

The idea of La Joyeria popped up back in mid 2020 when the millennial pandemic has hit humanity with its ferocity, put everything at a pause and jeopardizing World Health and Economy indeed. Everyone went to severe stress and life seemed to be meaningless.

We take a lot of pride in building this one-woman home-based Indian brand that is a lot more than just a business. It’s an emotion. It took us days of hard work and innumerable sleepless nights.  We are so overwhelmed when we think how an idea, one evening with a cup of coffee and some conversation has turned into a real-life platform for so many of us providing smiles and hopes and sustain life. That made us want to come up with something everyone can relate to irrespective of age, gender, and religion. We are hoping to take this Indian luxury candle brand to every corner of the world because candles are not just a source of light.

 It’s Hope !

So let’s bring in some Hope and share it with them who are in need of it. Desperately.